Howdilly Doodilly

by Okilly Dokilly

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You only live once Ah Hell, give me a white wine spritzer S10 E10 Ned
Oh ow my Flanderdoodles There’s no bot like a robot S17 E14 Ned
Vegetables 02:59
Hell no I don’t want any damn vegetables I said I don’t want any damn vegetables S3 E16 Todd
It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all Stupid sexy Flanders S11 E10 Ned Homer
You’re a Jerk Ah hell, diddly ding dong crap I don’t even know you but I’m sure you’re a jerk You are an ugly, hate filled man I don’t even know you but I’m sure you’re a jerk S8 E8 Ned
Sacrifice 02:21
Can’t you see, this man is no hero So let’s sacrifice him to our God Breathe through your damn mouth S5 E16 Ned Grandpa
Press destruct button Do it, do it, kill everyone You stupid son of a.. I wonder if I could blow up heaven Must kill best friend S16 E1 Ned Homer
Four-thousand days Ann Landers is a boring old biddy I was more animal than Man S4 E16 Ned
They warned me That the devil would be Attractive S16 E6 Ned – variation
Donut Hell 02:22
We’ll see you in hell yet Homer Simpson When that donut’s in your gut, I get your soul Down there you’ll be chopped up into pieces And force fed donuts until your eyeballs explode More Your wide behind won’t save you this time A lifetime in hell is all you have to dread And even if the jury says you’re innocent I’ll make sure you have a donut for a head More S5 E5 Ned Homer Original Lyrics
Panic Room 03:27
The house is slightly askew Get to the panic room And we’ll be safe inside our fortress when they come We’ll be safe from creeps and killers when they come Unless they’ve got a blow torch or a poison gas injector Then I don’t know what will happen when they come S14 E21 Ned
God speed little doodle We’re done for We’re done for We’re done diddly done diddly done diddly done for This should only be used in a life or death situation We’re done for S5 E8 Ned
Come to the mall There you will find All that is left When you feel left out And everything right seems wrong Set your paws to the south And there you will find All that is left Original Lyrics


released November 11, 2016

Okilly Dokilly is
Head Ned – vocals, screams, guitars, bass, mandolin, percussion
Red Ned – synth, vocals
Stead Ned – guitars
Thread Ned – bass
Bled Ned – drums

All songs written and arranged by Head Ned.
All songs produced by Okilly Dokilly.
Recorded and mixed by jalipaz at audioconfusion in Mesa, AZ in May 2016.
Mastered by Skip Rimza.

Band photography by Ris Marek (Peach Girl Photography).

Album design by Red Ned.

Okilly Dokilly would like to thank our family, friends and wonderful neighborinos across the world who made this album possible.

All songs copyright Okilly Dokilly, 2016.


all rights reserved



Okilly Dokilly Phoenix, Arizona


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